Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Free Blog Giveaway" Have a Chance to Win Fantasy Britney 100ml

Hi guys,

As my blog "The Equinox" has reached more than 20,000 visitors, hence I would like to do some blog giveaway in order to thank you all the followers, friends, visitors and everyone who has ever stopped by :)

-The 1st winner will receive Fantasy Britney 100 ml, also feature on The Equinox's special interview part
-The 2nd winner will receive Boost's 17 Angel Eye Shimmer Powder, also feature on The Equinox's special interview part 

Fantasy Britney, I have already prepared the new one for you :)

How to enter
1.Like my facebook page "The Equinox Fashion"
2.Follow on my lookbook OR follow on The Equinox blog 
3.Send a photo of your style and tell me "WHAT DOES FASHION MEAN TO YOU?" to ""
4. Leave your name or facebook page in the email as well :)

End Date : March 11, 2013

The winners will be contacted soon after the announcement :)

Good luck guys :) Everyone has a chance to win!

Have a good day



  1. My FB name: Madalina Simona Merca
    follow you on LB as Madalina Simona M.

    1. Thank you for enter hunnie, I have received ur email alredy

      Gail :)

  2. Hi,
    I did all the steps:
    fb mihaela pojogu
    followed on LB as mihaela p and gfc miha.ela.

    1. thank you so much!

      I'll post the look on Equinox page and will send a link to you soon :)

  3. I've entered & done all the steps, i forgot to include my facebook page to the email,
    my facebook name is - Silvia Sala

    1. I have received your email hun, thank you so much. I will send the link back to you once I post on the page soon


  4. Did you draw some winners after all or you have been cancel the giveaway?


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