Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Truthfully, I don't really wear makeup nor use foundation, primer, blemish or any types of BB products on my face because I prefer to let my skin breath the fresh air. The only product I use is an 'eye-liner' because it is my signature look with pitch dark smokey eyes, though I am trying to getting used to my original face without anything. It looks pale sometimes but I quite like it like that lol. However, apart from eye-liner which I can't live without, lipstick is also another item kept in my tiny makeup bag. Despite the fact that I would rather go out with my bare face, there always be a day that we all have to look glam and spot on. Personally, I think a wide variety of lipsticks can help us look different depending on personal style. So, here are some of my favourite lipsticks that I normally use for each occasion. 

1) For everyday look

Left- Sephora Rouge (made in France)
Right- MAC Lady Danger (made in Canada)

These are the most favourable lipsticks which can complete my look without eye makeup. In terms of quality, I have to admit that I really LOVE Sephora and Mac since their lipsticks always moisturize my lips while the pigments are very lasting. I have tried the soft pink tone but it has never worked out on my face. Hence, these vibrant shades are the perfect vividness for my skin tone, especially on set with the camera...Sadly, there's no Sephora in United Kingdom! 

2) For party

MDMflow 3 Kings (made in London)

This green colour may freak some of you out, but for a person like me, I absolutely love this MDMflow 3 Kings because it is the craziest colour I have ever had. I have a few black lipsticks, so the green one is the newest member of my family :) I actually received this product from Then and Now Shop, an online retailer based in UK. Sometimes, I love to browse online for unique lipsticks because there's no such thing exists in Manchester. So, this website is a great help to me because there are so many quirky colours which I want to try such as blue, purple, orange etc. Also, I quite like the package of MDMflow too, isn't it look like a bullet?! I think whatever in gold and black is chic. 

3) For photo shoot

Left- Black Velvet
Right- Poison Berry

Lime Crime is one of the brands I always spend my money on because its colours are so lovely! Again, the freaky colour like Black Velvet is my all time shiny star since it brings the character out, while boosts up the look to be more grunge. This liquid lipstick will turn to matte texture in about a few seconds, however, watch out for your teeth because it always leaves a stain on them!

Here are some other lipsticks I use. 

Topshop- Ruthless
Topshop- Matte Lip Bullet 

Left (top)- L'oreal Paris 10 Candy & Cherie
Left (bottom)- Style Icons Fashionista Aubergine shade 8
Right (top)- Collection 1 Popping Pink
Right (bottom) - Calvin Klein 31142 Eros 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Urban Garden Party at Warehouse's Flagship

If you live in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Dublin, and Belfast, don't forget to attend "Urban Garden Party" which will be hosted at Warehouse's flagship stores in order to celebrate its Spring/Summer 15 collection. Not only you will be able to experience such amazing event in spectacular stylish backdrop, but the brand will transform the store to be in trendy gardens vibe with limited edition illustrations by Lo Parkin. (Yep- Toni& Guy will also be there to give us the hair styling tips! )

This SS15 focuses on the combinations of modern&urban kind of girl who loves to get in style in every situation. The collection's designed in order to be the perfect match in a wide variety occasions, from classic masculinity tailoring to beautiful hand-embroidery, Warehouse's gotten everything you need for this Summer. 

You can sign up here to receive VIP invitation of the event, as well as, exclusive tokens which can be used for personalised bracelets, goodie bags and special discounts. 


London/Manchester/Liverpool - 28 March 2015
Dublin/Belfast/Leeds - 25 April 2015

Join me at Manchester Arndale on 28th!

Wearing all Warehouse excepted heels from Dr. Martens and bag from Primark

Warehouse SS15 Collection 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Peaceful State of Mind

Recently, I have been reading the book called 'Peaceful of Mind' written by a monk and it actually helps me improving my own thinking process to be more systematically and practically in any situations. I think to be calm is what I really need after the maximum level of tension I had been through during the downward occasions. Now, it makes me realize how happy it is to stop thinking and worrying about the things which hasn't happened yet. It stops me from doubting my capabilities in coping with my own work, as well as, future plan. 

I don't know about you but I feel so good about myself since I have stopped myself from becoming overwhelmed by random thoughts. People always ask me if I have ever felt under controlled or being pressured by workload at all? Even once I had to finish three assignments from my Master's programme before running to two events in the same week. My answer always be "No, why should I stress about it?" I used to live under tension but I don't let it kill me that easily. I love keeping myself busy and working 22 hours a day. Call me crazy but it's in my veins. I don't know why should I stress over these things which hasn't occurred yet. Thanks to the 'self-improvement' books I have always read including The Secret, also Chicken Soup by Jack Canfield because these books are the truly treasures I wouldn't even wanna trade with anything else. 

As some of you may know that I'm not into studying (but still taking MA course, don't know if I'm trying to kill myself lol) but I love to experiment in reality. I don't really care about grades because at the end of the day grades are not increasing my income nor making me step into the further position of the company. That's the reason why I choose to focus on 'work' instead of dealing with 10 things at the same time. 

My best advice to you is to "get organize" it really works and always will be. You can't control everything instantaneously because we are all human beings not a robot. Choose whatever necessary to you most and stay focus on that with your best effort. You may have some other tips to stay calm but this is how I treat myself to have the "peaceful state of mind

Faux Leather Pants- ForeverXXI
Bag- Primark
Hat- H&M

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

LFW15 : Mimi Tran

Mimi Tran, another great show I attended during London Fashion Week15 two weeks ago. If any of you guys are a fan of feminine style, this AW15 will be something you might want to have an eye on. 

Mimi Tran is a talented designer who actually have BA in electrical engineer and MBA in International Business Management. When I read her biography on the website, I was like 'wow!' From engineer to fashion industry. I really admire these people who switch from such specialize background to the clothing industry because it is totally different. Actually, I know quite a lot of people who change their careers from academic such as scientist or law to become fashion designer. One of my colleagues studied Law for her Bachelor's degree, however, she has been running her own clothing line nowadays. How amazing is that!? 

I kinda get the vibe of the collection, also the targeted market of the brand because every outfit worn by the models were expressed in a very feminine style. "The Mimi Tran brand empower today's woman by producing apparel in contemporary styles designed to enhance her beauty and celebrate her femininity..." says Mimi Tran.

From casual blue coat to the beautiful exquisite hand-made dresses , I literally love the texture of the collection. Look at those embroideries on the dresses! They are really delicate, aren't they? Even though my style is more into street fashion, the showcase of Mimi Tran still fascinated me in terms of its gimmick in each piece, as well as, the show. 

One of my most favourite which seems to be the highlight of the show was the wedding gown. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Chaophraya Manchester, Thai Fine Dining

Grilled Scallops served with mangoes and chili sauce

Sorry if this post's gonna make you drool, but I really can't help but to share my experience at Chaophraya, one of the top ten best restaurants located in the heart of Manchester, United Kingdom. If any of you have ever visited Thailand, you will notice the name of the restaurant immediately because Chaopraya is the name of the main river in Bangkok. 

The Equinox Fashion has just recently launched the new section called 'Food Review' which recommends all the fine dining places to visit. In the previous post, I did the review at Thaikhun, Thai street style dishes, however, I also had a really great opportunity invited by Chaophraya to do another review at this high-end restaurant. 

There are many interesting decorations inside this massive space which made me feel calm. Even though it was Friday when I went there, somehow I managed to get the sunken seats like traditional Japanese table style.

I had a chance to try a wide variety of food including appetizers, main course and dessert. For appetizers, I ordered Mixed Satay Fondue Set and Pork Skewers because I really love eating everything with Satay sauce. In Thailand, grilled pork with Satay sauce is one of our most well-known street foods that you can find almost everywhere, however, the appetizers here are the elevated fusion style designed by Chaophraya in order to provide the luxury experience. 

For the main course, I think I ordered too much since everything on the menu sounds so yum. There are more dishes compared to Thaikhun though. Somehow, I chose to order 1) Coconut milk soup with chicken 2) Beef Mussaman curry 3) Cod with chili sweet sauce. WOW! I didn't know what to try first because the presentation of these three dishes were absolutely amazing. After trying everything on the table including coconut rice, my favourite dish was Coconut milk soup with chicken (it's always been my favourite one because my mom always cooked for me when I was young :)) If you are a fan of Thai food, you will be able to notice that one of our main ingredients are coconut milk, it literally boots up the richness of the food (That's why my mom prefer not to cook with coconut milk that often since it comes with high cholesterol too). However, the soup that I just ate was somehow very light and I loved it. 

I felt really satisfied with the quality of the food, as well as, the staffs, however this review wouldn't be completed without dessert right? I am a FAN of deep-fried ice-cream and it is quite hard to find one in UK. Thank you Chaophraya so much for adding this into the menu of the restaurant because it's so so good! Some of you who have never tried this sweet may think that it sounds so weird, but trust me 'try it'! Chocolate and coconut ice-cream was served together with mangoes and sticky rice....guys I literally rolled back home. 

If you are looking for a great dining restaurant with elegant design, I will totally recommend Chaopraya. It is totally worth the price. 

Chaophraya Manchester's website

Mixed Satay Fondue

Beef Mussaman curry

Cod with sweet chili sauce

Coconut milk soup with chicken

Lily tea

Deep-fried ice-cream

Mangoes with sticky rice

Hot cholocate

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