Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Outfit

Not gonna lie, but I think I do look like a lion day by day. I was thinking about chopping my hair off but then again I just felt like 'I am too in love with the long hair to let it go' I guess it is one of the dilemmas in everyone's life. Besides, I will be tortured even more since it is getting colder and colder in Manchester, United Kingdom.

I am not a fan of layering but I assume that I have to because it really helps in keeping me warm. This faux fur jacket I purchased from Primark keeps me warm in level 6 (out of 10) only, so the best advice I could absolutely apply is to wear a few pieces inside. Even though, it looks thick, the inside is really thin included the tiny bit of lining. Of course, it looks beautiful but at the end of the day I wouldn't be able to survive from the harsh weather of this country. Sometimes, I also wonder if the sun do exist in this country. Therefore, I am pairing the jacket with the sweater top I designed for 'Rock On Ruby' and heat-tech top underneath. 

The bottom part, I am wearing the pants from Wearall. These are one of my favourite pants so far because they are really comfy. I used to wear skinny jeans a lot, but I don't know why I don't really wear them anymore. They are not as comfortable as the loose one I guess. 

So, here is my 'Winter Outfit' which may not look as glamourous as others, however, it's my everyday style.

Ring- Good After Nine
Bag- Grafea

Faux fur jacket- Primark
Sweater- Rock On Ruby
Pants- Wearall

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Event: Rock On Ruby Xmas Party

'Rock On Ruby Xmas Party' was hosted by Rock On Ruby, one of the most familiar brands which always be featured on The Equinox Fashion. I spent time with the brand quite often during the past couple of months, however, I had a great opportunity to officially attend the very first ROR blogger event on November 29, 2014. 

The relationship between The Equinox Fashion and Rock On Ruby has been growing not just the work connection but friendship also. I have started to know this 'slogan tee' brand since I was in Bangkok,Thailand. I still remember when I was wearing the customized tee in July while I was hanging around in my hometown, as well as, preparing to move to Manchester. Therefore, I have been in contact with the brand since the very first step of them on the Instagram. From 500 followers in July to thousands followers in nowadays, I am quite proud of how the brand and its team have achieved. I know the owner of the brand personally, so I am pretty sure that all of them have been working very hard to be in this point. Even though, I don't really express anything in social media, I do proud of them!

To be honest, I was very excited to attend this event because I had been to various events but now I was about to attend my friend's one! Actually, I was the first person who was informed about the event by my event partner 'Holly' (the owner) So, I was very happy for her. 

The event was held at Cane&Grain located in Northern Quater, Manchester. It was the Christmas theme actually, however, I love the fact that the place was painted in Hawaii vibe. Feeling fresh and wanna go surfing immediately! Nahhh surfing might sound too exaggerate lol Only it made me feel happy for some reasons :) There were a few activities that we bloggers could participate; 1) Styling the clothes, taking photos and sharing on Instagram in order to win the challenge. 2) Designing the Rock On Ruby slogan tops 3) Drinking delicious drinks and eating yummy cupcakes. I did everything but obviously after having a few drinks lol. 

It was a fun day, and I still in love with this brand <3

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Do You Really Need to Spend $$ for Being a Blogger? x Catseye London

Another look with Catseye London was finally shot! However, if you still remember the previous post featured this London based brand, this outfit's going to be totally different. 

I was wearing pink top with holographic skirt and Catseye London's pink bag, but this time I have chosen to be more street style. Frankly, I prefer to toy the products with wide variety looks so that they can be adapted to the reality. One bag doesn't mean one look, does it? I was going for sweet and girly style before and that's the reason why street style's my 2nd selection for this baby blue bag. 

Speaking of the fact that I got this crop top for $3 while I was randomly shopping in Bangkok, Thailand. I have never considered that being fashion blogger means only to use expensive products because the truth is those items will never boost up your look if they are not even matching with your style. Sometimes, I feel I shouldn't have spent the money on some products which were advertised on the media. Of course, they looked beautiful, however, I felt like wasting money when I came back home due to the fact that it didn't turn out perfectly like I had expected. So, do you really need to spend $$ for being a fashion blogger?

I always invest my money on brands only if the products are categorized as 'eyewear' It is very important to have the very high-quality for such goods because eyes can be very sensitive one. Therefore, one of my choices is 'Lespecs' eyewear. The price ranges of this French brand can be costly, but the quality deserves to get my money. 

Another question I often receive from people is 'where do you go shopping in Manchester?' To be honest, I don't have any specific places. I walk from shops to shops, and this habit is very time consuming because I am the picky one. Sometimes, I feel a bit moody when I walk back home with nothing lol Anyway, one of my favourite places is Primark. The products are really versatile which means you can go there and buy anything you want such as tops, jeans, gloves or whatsoever but my advice is you gotta pick the items carefully. Touch the fabric and see if it's worth to pay since people always come and go, so some products can be terribly displayed. 

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Event: South Beach

'South Beach' another event fulled of pink vibe and girly style. Even though the brand was launched in 2013, it has received a really good feedback from fashion bloggers, as well as, the customers in terms of lovely swimwear. I had never realized before that South Beach also offers not just bikinis but loungewear and accessories also! 

The vibrant colours of the products made me fall in love with the brand because they represent the characteristics of trendy and feminine. I am a street fashion blogger who always put menswear on my body but still I am one of those girls who looking for colours to boosting up the freshness. I really had a great time at the event to be honest since I had a chance to meet the fellow bloggers, while watched the movie. 

Another reason why I love South Beach is because the products are very affordable. The designs are not that expensive at all. Compared to the quality of the fabrics, I think it's still worth to invest. Those pink bikinis look suitably especially in the Summer when all the girls are keening on going to the beach and chilling with the pretty swimwear on. If I could go back to Thailand now, I would probably buy one!  

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Yes or No x Dorothy Perkins/ Good After Nine

Have you ever come across the situation when you do not know what to answer? Either to say 'yes' or 'no' or even the worse case scenario which you might regret your own words later. However, it is better to give the honest answer than pretending just to please others. 

Personally, I am really a straight up person so I always give a sincere idea no matter what circumstances. Sometimes, white lie is necessary but at the end of the day you may feel guilty about it anyway. And this provided clutch from Dorothy Perkins also reminds me of these "two" choices in our lives, you can only say yes to the things that you feel right, while saying no to refuse something which you don't feel like it. In spite of the two options, then why people always make lives become way TOO complicated? Well, I guess we are just a normal human-being with such complex thoughts. 

Another items I love in this cold season are 'wine coloured faux fur stole' from Dorothy Perkins and 'skull ring' from Good After Nine. Even though I am wearing sparkling skirt and faux fur on top just to go to the special occasion, I still need this hand made jewellery from Thai based brand to boost up the street style in my look. I am not the person who goes for sexy outfit because street vibe is the signature of The Equinox Fashion

To be honest, I think the greatest moment of being a fashion blogger is to have fun with clothes. Some people can wear whatever the brands offer to them in order to advertise on this blogger sphere, but I can't. The art of fashion blogger means to have fun and style the pieces in your own style. Therefore, I really enjoy matching items to be just one look which represents who I really am. 

I can wear as many products as I want, but eventually I wouldn't step outside the front door if I don't feel confident in my style. 

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

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